Videos from Spanish gigs.

Here’s some footage that the venues took of use playing in Spain.

Sentinal Rock Club, Bilbao – YouTube Preview Image  The owner was a legend and had a metal band back in the 80’s YouTube Preview Image

The Rincon Pio Sound, Don Benito – YouTube Preview Image Seriously one of the best venues we’ve played absolute gents running the venue/gigs and a great crowd and atmosphere. Maybe a bit purpose build for me but once we got playing it was unreal. The gig was streamed live a few friends said they watched it in Canada and England, mighty.

posted by rory on April 28th, 2013

Bands Pt5

Here’s some old Irish bands that got us going back in the day.


YouTube Preview Image

Los Langeros aren’t a band anymore but right up to their last gig they where the most unstoppably enjoyable band that I’ve seen from Ireland. Great songs ranging from weirdo do-wop to hardcore punk, ska a. They could play for 2 hours and you’d be screaming for more.

Their album This is Normal was a culmination of all of these elements as well as experimental sound collages, brass, timpani and uilleann pipes. Strange mix of the Bad Seeds sophistication and care for songwriting with the manic energy and humor of No Means No.

YouTube Preview Image


Here’s some of there last songs that were never released – new songs

YouTube Preview Image

We had great times playing with Jezery I think both of the bands influenced eachother at different times. Now 2 of the lads play with Lamp.

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Blk Bx Explained
posted by rory on March 15th, 2013

Some Remixes

We gave stems of our tunes out to some folks to work there magic on here’s the spoils. The top bunch are more upbeat and a few down the end are more noise/ambient. It’s great to have this strange distant collaboration with people.

Also the stems are available for the Black Box recordings and are all under and open creative commons licence so get in touch and work away.



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Under the Covers

We’ve done a couple covers for special occasions. Mics grabbed by folks who know the words.

Fugazi’s Waiting Room for the last gig in the Quad Bar Cork.

YouTube Preview Image

At the Drive in’s One Armed Scissors for a gig at Sample Studios art space which ended up getting shut down by the cops. Or good friends REST didn’t get to play that night, Argh. This was filmed by ZOMBIE and the audio was recorded and mixed by Joe Cusack ( ex-Langeros)

YouTube Preview Image
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